Digital transformation for extra-virgin olive oil producers

On Friday, 15 March, at 1:30 pm, Olio Capitale is hosting an “innotalk”, a narrative on innovative topics, organised by Aries, a partner of “Nuvolak2” project, financed by Italy Slovenian Interreg Programme. This international project aims at supporting companies to adopt innovative marketing good practices to increase competitiveness. The main topic of this “innotalk” – “Digital transformation for extra-virgin olive oil producers” – was selected to the benefit of local producers and exhibitors of Olio Capitale. The event is chaired by Tommaso Cattivelli, Cru Agency, a digital marketing agency based in Urbania in the Marche Region – incubated by Adv Media Lab -, whose mission includes food and wine promotion. Cru Agency works with companies of any size in the food processing industry.