Exhibit at Innolio

InnOlio, first Innovation Exhibition of the olive oil sector in conjunction with the 16th edition of the Olio Capitale fair which this year will be held at the new Trieste exhibition facility located on the sea.

InnOlio will pay particular attention to all those sectors related to and pertaining to the phases that precede the production of the best extra virgin oil, setting the fair on innovation applied to the traditional olive growing sector. The promotion of the show will focus on the olive production areas undergoing expansion in recent years, in particular: northern Italy and neighboring foreign countries such as Slovenia and Croatia which represent new possible commercial opportunities. The decision to create this new trade fair was based on an analysis of the flattering results of a research carried out on thousands of Italian and foreign producers of Extra Virgin Oil that make up our database, to which some questions were submitted to identify the product categories. of greatest interest that producers would like to find and their potential buying interest in the specialized exhibition hall in Trieste

Therefore, our attention in the organization of InnOlio – Exhibition of innovation in the olive production chain – Digital, Smart Farming & Tech should be directed to the sectors:

– nursery and materials for planting new olive groves

– technologies for the agronomic management of olive groves

– storage and conditioning systems

– the production of oil plants / mills and equipment for oil plants / mills

– washing, crushing, malaxing and extraction systems

– smart farming, specific software, photogrammetry using drones

– packaging and manufacturing of packages, bottles, containers and caps for oil

– of the packaging and / or bottling plants

– marketing services

– oil analysis services, professional tasting and agronomic services

– of the packaging plants

– of specialized publishing