Welcome to Olio Capitale, 16th top quality extra-virgin olive oil expo

From 8th to 10th March 2024

New dates and location for Olio Capitale the ” leading olive oil expo”

16th Olio Capitale expo: the most important exhibition fully dedicated to top quality extra-virgin olive oil.

  • Location – Innovatively designed, comfortable, more than 5.000 sqm on the sea shore
  • Marketplace digitale Olio Capitale Shop- B2C digital marketplace- Exhibitors can promote and sell evo after the fair
  • INNOlio Capitale – Innovation in the olive oil supply chain , pitch Expo, seminars smart farming

The move of Olio Capitale will allow us to guarantee the ususal success of the fair to than more 200 exhibitors, fair in recent year has been maintainig a costant growth trend in the number of italian and foreign visitors.

Facts and Figures

Hundreds extra virgin olive oil producers from all Italian territories on show in Trieste as well as Greece and Slovenia.
Expected professional visitors from 20 countries.

The main reason for visiting Olio Capitale is the search for new supplier sfor over 70% of visitors.

Suggestive location

The expo will take place in the  new location of 5.000 sqm. 2 new brand Pavillons in Old port of Trieste, near the center of the city, along the sea shore.

Why attend Olio Capitale

Because under one roof the expo presents hundreds of labels of the best extra-virgin olive oils without any other food product to divert the attention. Because, attracting a selected public, Olio Capitale gives great networking opportunities.Because it gives the chance to learn something more through meetings, talk shows, cooking classes, guided tasting sessions.
Professional visitors can find at Olio Capitale new olive oil suppliers and unique productions. Olio Capitale is the first appointment of the year to taste and choose the new olive oils.

in Trieste, Italy

“…Trieste is a mysterious and puzzling place. Its iconic central square, the Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia… is wide open to the Adriatic, as though the ever-changing seascape were an entertainment staged for the city’s benefit…”
The New York Times