Stick your nose in the “Sensory Lab”

Ersa (Regional agency for rural development of Friuli Venezia Giulia), a regional organization based in Gorizia, is in charge with the organisation, coordination and management of technical development services for agriculture, aquaculture and fishing to support professional, socio-economic and cultural growth of operations; in cooperation with the Regional Administration, research institutes and organisations as well […]

“Dinner with the oleologist” in Treviso, Portogruaro, Pordenone and Trieste: theme dinners also in thirteen city center restaurants

Olio Capitale 2019 also includes “Dinner with the oleologist” events. A number of special nights for restaurants at “All’Isola” in Treviso, “Al Gallo” in Pordenone, “Antica Trattoria Agnoletti” in Giavera del Montello (Treviso), “Alla Botte” in Portogruaro and “Ai Fiori” in Trieste; Olea tasters, Emanuele Battista and Roberto Rosolen, will perform tastings of extra-virgin olive […]

Extra-virgin olive oil and chocolate, a delicious combination with the maître chocolatier Giuseppe Faggiotto

Extra-virgin olive oil and chocolate will be the protagonists on Sunday, 17 March, traditionally the busiest day of Olio Capitale. At 10.30am and at 11.30am there will be two tastings under the masterful supervision of Giuseppe Faggiotto, renowned maître chocolatier of Peratoner. Visitors of Olio Capitale will have the opportunity to try Peratoner vegan spreading, […]

Olio Capitale sensory experience: high quality tasting with professional tasters

As every year, Olio Capitale will present the results of the latest harvest in Trieste where the best extra-virgin olive oils only can be tasted and compared. Tastings, led by professional tasters, are very appreciated by the public and they have been scheduled every day since the opening. Tastings starts on Friday, 15 March, at […]

Digital transformation for extra-virgin olive oil producers

On Friday, 15 March, at 1:30 pm, Olio Capitale is hosting an “innotalk”, a narrative on innovative topics, organised by Aries, a partner of “Nuvolak2” project, financed by Italy Slovenian Interreg Programme. This international project aims at supporting companies to adopt innovative marketing good practices to increase competitiveness. The main topic of this “innotalk” – […]

The first international Manifesto of extra-virgin olive oil

Olio Capitale has scheduled an outstanding event on Monday, 18 March. In Trieste, Alpe Adria representatives of the haute cuisine will sign the first “Manifesto of extra-virgin olive oil”. In this framework, there will be a debate at 2:30pm, among the most renowned chefs from Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (Jre) and producers to define the guidelines […]

“Catering 4.0: new scenarios between quality and sustainability”, a real “talk show” on Monday 18 March

Monday, 18 March, at 10.30 am Olio Capitale will host a real “talk show” in cooperation with Federazione italiana pubblici esercizi (Fipe). The title of the event, with Paolo Massobrio, food and wine journalist, is “Catering 4.0: new scenarios between quality and sustainability”. Antonio Paoletti, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Friuli Venezia Giulia, […]

Oil mills and millers play a crucial role for quality, a conference on Saturday 16 March

Olive variety, growing area, agricultural techniques and harvesting processes are critical for the quality of extra-virgin olive oil. However, oil mills and millers also play a significant role in the production process. The same drupes may be used to produce very different oils. The type of processing greatly affects oil features, as olive oils of […]

Olive oil and health: past, present and future of the prince of the Mediterranean diet

Extra-virgin olive oil is the main source of fat in the Mediterranean area, and this distinguishes the famous Mediterranean diet from other dietary regimens. The goal of the conference “Olive oil: past, present and future of the prince of the Mediterranean diet,” scheduled for Friday 15th March at 2.30pm, is to inform the citizens not […]

Olio Capitale, focus-on conferences for experts and enthusiasts alike about culture and tourism

Also this year, Trieste turns into the capital of extra-virgin olive oil for four days, with a rich programme devised for experts in the fields, as well as for ‘green gold’ enthusiasts about culture and tourism. “Extra-virgin olive oil, cultural and tourist resource” is the title of the Olio Capitale opening conference, scheduled for Friday […]

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