“Catering 4.0: new scenarios between quality and sustainability”, a real “talk show” on Monday 18 March

Monday, 18 March, at 10.30 am Olio Capitale will host a real “talk show” in cooperation with Federazione italiana pubblici esercizi (Fipe). The title of the event, with Paolo Massobrio, food and wine journalist, is “Catering 4.0: new scenarios between quality and sustainability”. Antonio Paoletti, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Enrico Lupi, Chairman of the National association Città dell’Olio, Roberto Calugi, Director of FIPE, Marcello Scocci, Pannel Director and Vice President of Onaoo, and Gaetano Simonato from the restaurant Tano Passami l’Olio in Milan (1 Michelin star) will be attending.

Thinking that catering businesses are only marginally affected by the digitalization means ignoring a reality that is now taking technology innovation and its tools for granted in our society. Though products are the core of catering businesses, digitalization is a primary tool to support their work, administration, business and marketing, with a key role of social media and the reviews of customers.

Digital skills are an inescapable need for these companies. However, there’s a substantial lack of professional skills in digital profiles and related competences. To what extent is technology used in catering businesses? Catering businesses greatly affect products (selection and preparation), but they have a secondary role in the management, marketing and innovation both in terms of back office and front office. Only 40% of catering companies use management tools in internal processes. These are just applications to manage orders (17%) or electronic invoicing solutions (13%). 7% only exploits the so called menu engineering and 6% use on line booking applications. As for customer relation technology, reviews are clearly the main digitalization area for catering businesses. 81% read reviews on web sites and 27% invite customers to leave reviews. 41% of restaurants do not have any social account.

Catering businesses will necessary turn into the 4.0 version, as they will continue to embrace fundamental quality principles, tradition and the increasing need for environmental sustainability.