The first international Manifesto of extra-virgin olive oil

Olio Capitale has scheduled an outstanding event on Monday, 18 March. In Trieste, Alpe Adria representatives of the haute cuisine will sign the first “Manifesto of extra-virgin olive oil”. In this framework, there will be a debate at 2:30pm, among the most renowned chefs from Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (Jre) and producers to define the guidelines of a programme pooling together a number of operators to achieve a targeted production or to validate one of the pillars of the Manifesto: extra-virgin olive oil is a fundamental ingredients for quality cuisine, not just a mere seasoning.

This event has been organised by the famous chef Emanuele Scarello (2 Michelin stars) from the restaurant Agli Amici di Godia and former Italian Chairman of the association Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, who will sign the manifesto together with the Chairman of the Croatian section of Jre, Teo Fernetich, the Chairman of the Slovenian section, Uroš Fakuč and Alberto Tonizzo representing Jre in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Paolo Zoppolatti, a very popular chef in Italy, starring in a leading TV programme, “La prova del cuoco”, will also be attending.

Who are the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe? JRE is an association of the best young chefs. A European network of professional chefs and restaurateurs, who are forward-thinking protagonists of their time – with great accuracy, never-ending creativity and respect for local food heritage – they develop a modern cuisine based on the terroir. Four main principles inspire the work of the Jeunes Restaurateurs. Firstly, defending and promoting European haute cuisine, with excellent creations based on the terroir and local products. A variety of representatives demonstrating excellence in traditions, innovation capacity and passion for the savoir-faire of the old continent. Secondly, changing ideas and experiences both inside and outside JRE, a virtuous process boosting growth of a food and wine culture among professionals and consumers, contributing to create more value. Thirdly, supporting development of young European talents. With a view to lay the foundation for the future of high quality catering, JRE Italy is part of leading juries to select future talents in the food and wine sector; it also supports special projects, such as internships and study grants, so that future chefs can develop their potential and their skills. Fourthly, creating a friendly relations and mutual help among chefs, resulting into cooperation and sharing of individual cultural and cuisine background. Increasingly ambitious goal can be achieved when ideas and expertise are pooled together.