Extra-virgin olive oil and chocolate, a delicious combination with the maître chocolatier Giuseppe Faggiotto

Extra-virgin olive oil and chocolate will be the protagonists on Sunday, 17 March, traditionally the busiest day of Olio Capitale. At 10.30am and at 11.30am there will be two tastings under the masterful supervision of Giuseppe Faggiotto, renowned maître chocolatier of Peratoner. Visitors of Olio Capitale will have the opportunity to try Peratoner vegan spreading, freshly prepared on the spot with extra-virgin olive oil and hazelnuts, and the finest truffles seasoned with Parovel extra-virgin olive oil. Finally, the big surprise of the 2019 edition: the tasting of the new “Olio Capitale” chocolate praline.

Giuseppe Faggiotto, pastry chef and maître chocolatier, known in Italy and abroad, started his career when he was 14 in Taormina, as trainee in a famous local patisserie. He worked hard and learned the secrets of this job by observing others and practical work, driven by a huge passion for his work. He worked as a trainee until he was 20. He opened his first shop in San Donà di Piave, his hometown. This was a high level pastry shop combining tradition with the innovation of his forward-looking ideas. He opened a shop in Concordia Sagittaria and later moved to Pordenone where he acquired the historic Pasticceria Peratoner propelling him straight into the road to success. The passion for patisserie is combined with the passion for chocolate. As a result of this growing enthusiasm, he discovered the best chocolate and learned the secrets of great maîtres chocolatiers. Faggiotto’s chocolate, i.e. Peratoner chocolate, is the result of the finest selection of ingredients, artisan processing and, of course, endless creativity.

Besides launching and promoting ChocoFest, the chocolate festival in Gradisca d’Isonzo, Faggiotto has been the guests of many TV programmes, such as Sereno Variabile on Rai Due and Gusto on Canale 5 and he regularly teaches young students in vocational schools in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in Veneto. Giuseppe Faggiotto has also worked with famous fashion designers, such as Ferragamo, Fendi, Sam Baron per Sisley. He works with The Cube in Milan, a temporary restaurant overlooking Piazza del Duomo, where gourmet dishes by the best European chefs are served with Peratoner pralines. He works at Vinitaly with Cantine Tomasella and stages events with Marzotto and Franca Coin at Venice Foundation.

As a result of his huge passion for his work, he acquired the historic Caffè degli Specchi in Trieste; since 2012, he’s been managing this café with the enthusiasm, love and passion that have always been his distinguishing features. From traditional mignon pastries, to irresistible and stunning cakes, from small chocolate pralines to incredible chocolate creations, Caffè degli Specchi, besides been an historic café, has also become a second Peratoner home. Local customers and visitors from all over the world go to this historic place that has become the leading café in Italy for espresso consumption.