Olio Capitale sensory experience: high quality tasting with professional tasters

As every year, Olio Capitale will present the results of the latest harvest in Trieste where the best extra-virgin olive oils only can be tasted and compared. Tastings, led by professional tasters, are very appreciated by the public and they have been scheduled every day since the opening.

Tastings starts on Friday, 15 March, at 4:30pm with light fruity extra-virgin olive oil, led by the experts of the Unione mediterranea assaggiatori oli (Umao). The objective of this association is to preserve and improve knowledge and dissemination on extra-virgin olive oil culture as an extraordinary daily ingredient and authentic produce of the Mediterranean area. Institutional goals are achieved with a relentless action at national and international level, supporting producers, oil millers, restaurateurs and all those wishing to access the world of extra-virgin olive oil. The Unione Mediterranea Assaggiatori Oli include expert tasters, certified at national and EU level, that have been active for years performing tastings and teaching, but also amateurs or fans who rediscover noble local food and wine notions in our culture. On Friday 15 March, but at 5:45pm, Umao tasters will guide visitors of Olio Capitale through extra-virgin olive oil from Croatia.

Saturday 16 March is devoted to the winners of Olio Capitale Competition. At 11.45am, tastings of extra-virgin olive oils that have received awards are scheduled, led by Umao tasters. These experts, in the afternoon, starting from 4.45am, will guide the audience in the world of the the finalists of Olio Capitale Competition in the light fruity oils category.

On Sunday, 17 March, at 12.30 and at 4:00pm, two tastings have been scheduled, led by Emanuele Battista, wine taster, food and wine expert and member of Olea (Organizzazione laboratorio esperti e assaggiatori) and many panels and tasting commissions awarding national and international prizes to extra-virgin olive oils. The event where the public can meet the expert taster, especially for all those who wish to gain a better knowledge on extra-virgin olive oil, is entitled “From the tree to the plate: introducing extra-virgin olive oil tasting”. Again on Sunday, 17 March, but at 3:00pm, there will be a session for the finalists of Olio Capitale Competition in the category of medium fruity extra-virgin olive oils with Umao tasters. The last tasting of the day is scheduled on Sunday, 17 March, at 5.45pm, on extra-virgin olive oils from Chieti and Pescara, led by Umao experts.

On the last day of Olio Capitale, Monday, 18 March, at 12.45, there will be another guided tasting with Emanuele Battista, entitled “Tips to improve food combinations” especially for restaurateurs and experts, while Umao tasters, at 4.30pm will present the finalists of Olio Capitale Competition in the category of intense fruity extra-virgin olive oils.