Stick your nose in the “Sensory Lab”

Ersa (Regional agency for rural development of Friuli Venezia Giulia), a regional organization based in Gorizia, is in charge with the organisation, coordination and management of technical development services for agriculture, aquaculture and fishing to support professional, socio-economic and cultural growth of operations; in cooperation with the Regional Administration, research institutes and organisations as well as local authorities, it supports research and testing to improve production quality, innovation and development of production and training technology for operators with qualification and specialization courses to develop professional skills, guidance on product innovation and improvement of production techniques.

Always among the protagonists of Olio Capitale, this year Ersa Fvg will organise in Trieste its “Sensory Lab” to educate the public about both positive and negative traits of extra-virgin olive oils: “fresh fruity” has the vegetal scents of freshly cut grass and green apples; “mature fruity” has the scents of fruit such as banana and ripe apple; the term “fusty” describes a common defect resulting from drupe fermentation before kneading; finally “rancid” is the typical smell from desegregation and degeneration of fat acids. A funny and unique experience for all visitors of Olio Capitale.